Sustainability Resources for Ophthalmology

EyeSustain's mission is to make healthcare delivery and services in ophthalmology more sustainable—both economically and environmentally.


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A Global Coalition Making an Impact

EyeSustain's member societies span the globe and are all joined by one mission - to make ophthalmic care and surgery more sustainable.

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Things we can do now to reduce our costs and environmental impact

This 2023 evidence-based review article outlines a variety of sustainability strategies for ophthalmic ORs. Read and download this Ophthalmology article here

Sjoerd Elferink, MD from the Netherlands summarizes steps that we can implement now

Ask your Surgical Facility to take the EyeSustain Pledge

Take the lead in organizing our facility or department to take the pledge to reduce costs and waste. 

  1. Educate surgeons and surgical staff about sustainability and the impact of O.R. waste
  2. Regularly re-evaluate surgical pack standardization to minimize waste
  3. Use multidose bottles of topical medication and betadine on multiple patients when possible
  4. Assess the necessity for patient gowns and full body draping
  5. Regularly reassess options for reusable versus single-use products and instrumentation
  6. Assess feasibility of alcohol-based surgical scrub for pre-surgical antisepsis
  7. Institute or update recycling strategies




Sustainability Topics in Ophthalmology

Bags of unused eye drops

Drug Waste

Reduce drug waste to save money and mitigate pollutants.

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Industry Initiatives

See how leaders in ophthalmology are making sustainable impact in their practices and communities.


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Public Health Impact of Climate Change

Get the latest resources and news from the Medical Society Consortium on Climate Health.


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Our Leadership

  • David F. Chang, MD , Advisory Board, Chair
  • Gitanjali Baveja, MD , Advisory Board
  • Barbara Erny, MD , Advisory Board
  • Oliver Findl, MD , Advisory Board
  • John Hovanesian, MD , Advisory Board
  • Cathleen McCabe, MD , Advisory Board
  • David Palmer, MD , Advisory Board
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  • Alan Robin, MD , Advisory Board
  • Todd Sack, MD , Advisory Board
  • Cassandra Thiel, PhD , Advisory Board
  • Rengaraj Venkatesh, MD , Advisory Board
  • Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD , Editorial Board, Chair
  • Sjoerd Elferink, MD , Editorial Board
  • Darby Miller, MD, MPH ,  Editorial Board