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Advisory Board

David F. Chang, MD (Chair)

Chair ASCRS Foundation; past president and executive board member ASCRS; co-chair OICS Task Force; Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health steering committee.

Gitanjali B. Baveja, MD

Chief medical officer, Zasti.

Barbara Erny, MD

ASCRS Foundation Medical Liaison for International Programs; Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health steering committee.

Oliver Findl, MD

President, ESCRS.

John Hovanesian, MD

OSN associate editor; Co-chair of OICS Task Force sub-committee on industry collaboration.

Cathleen McCabe, MD

Past-president OOSS; Chair ASCRS Refractive CC; co-chair OICS Task Force.

David Palmer, MD

Co-chair OICS Task Force sub-committee on drug waste.

Jeff Pettey, MD

Lead, AAO Taskforce on Sustainability

Alan Robin, MD

AGS Executive Director, co-chair OICS Task Force sub-committee on drug waste.

Todd L. Sack, MD

Executive Director, My Green Doctor Foundation.

Cassandra Thiel, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept Population Health, NYU.

Rengaraj Venkatesh, MD

Chief of Aravind Pondicherry, India.

Editorial Board

Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD (Chair)

Chair, ASCRS YES sustainability sub-committee

Sjoerd Elferink, MD

Chair, ESCRS YO sustainability committee; co-founder, Dutch Working Group on Sustainable Ophthalmology

Darby Miller

Darby Miller, MD, MPH

Chair, AAO YO sustainability sub-committee

Sean Berkowitz, MD

Evan Chen, MD

Jake Grodsky, MD

Joey Hsia, MD

Amy Mehta, MD

Milad Modabber, MD

Brenda Nuyen, MD

Shriji Patel, MD, MBA

Sam Reiter, MD

Khelly Savant, MD

Emily Schehlein, MD

Shefali Sood, MD

Jenna Tauber, MD, MSCI


Margaret Tharp, MS-II

Ana Vega, MD

Kira Wang, MS-I

Yee Ling Wong, MD

Annie Wu

Annie M. Wu, MD

Mahsaw Mansoor, MD

Stephanie P. Chen, MD

Sruti Rachapudi, MD, MBA