Industry Initiatives

Glaukos' Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental impact is a fundamental consideration across all Glaukos operations. From formal initiatives and goals to promoting a culture of environmental consciousness, Glaukos has progressed in its aim to increase awareness of environmental impact while simultaneously decreasing its relative impact.

Glaukos is proud of its 2023 sustainability achievements, including the establishment of a second product distribution site that has resulted in reduced shipping costs and the elimination of 6.4 million air miles. This has contributed to an estimated 1,286-ton reduction in carbon emissions.

Our goals for 2024 and beyond include updating our research and development design development processes to incorporate sustainability in product design and packaging. Our first project is to conduct an engineering evaluation of conversion to biodegradable packaging for one of our existing products. We also hope to reduce packaging waste by changing from paper instructions for use currently included with our medical devices to electronic instructions.

Read more about Glaukos’ commitment to sustainability through its 2023 sustainability report here

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