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Francesc March



Gerd Geerling



Dry Eye affects 350 to 700 million people worldwide. The sustainability implications are enormous for plastic production and waste processing, especially for long-term treatment of chronic disease. For example, eye drops result in an annual CO2 impact of 7 kg per person and a lot of plastic that is rarely recycled. At the European Dry Eye Society (EuDES), we want to promote preventative measures, the best sustainable practice options, and digital solutions.

The European Dry Eye Society (EuDES) joined the EyeSustain mission driven by a shared commitment to advancing sustainability in the healthcare industry, particularly within the dry eye. The EyeSustain mission aligns with EuDES's values, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable practices in the face of growing environmental challenges.
We hope to witness the adoption of eco-friendly practices, reduced carbon footprints and waste, and innovative solutions that balance patient care with environmental responsibility based on evidence. This includes developing and implementing sustainable alternatives, reducing plastic waste, potentiating reusing and recycling, and developing digital solutions.

Through participation in the EyeSustain mission, we aspire to catalyze positive change within the industry and responsible healthcare practices that benefit patients and the planet.

At EuDES, we assume a commitment to sustainability is essential for our clinical practice and the well-being of our planet and future generations. 

Sustainability Committee: EuDES established a dedicated Sustainability Committee composed of experts in the field. This committee is responsible for developing and overseeing sustainability strategies across all aspects of our organization.

Educational Activities: As part of our commitment to sustainability, we integrate environmental and social considerations into our educational programs. This includes promoting eco-friendly practices during conferences, webinars, and workshops. Publications and dissemination of information with a focus on sustainability. 

Carbon Footprint Reduction: EuDES is actively working towards minimizing our carbon footprint through initiatives such as virtual conferences and workshops.

Green Practices: We are raising awareness of waste generated in our practice and promoting sustainable practices.

Collaboration for Impact: We collaborate with sustainable organizations and partners to amplify the impact of our initiatives. Together, we aim to influence the global healthcare community positively.