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Liaison Information

Elisabeth Fowler



As a trainee, I recognize the increasing importance sustainability will have over the course of my career for the benefit of our profession and society. Ophthalmology accounts for some of the most commonly performed surgeries in Canada. I am glad the COS has joined EyeSustain mission and is playing a leadership role in helping shape our industry's sustainability practices.  

Cody Lo, BSc, MD Resident Ophthalmologist and Member COS Sustainability Working Group

The complex integrations of the healthcare industry contributing to escalating environmental harms, and the consequent negative environmental impact on our patients, health workers, and healthcare systems, are becoming more clearly understood. I fully support the Canadian Ophthalmological Society as it seeks to be at the forefront of health organizations in Canada taking responsibility for reducing waste, decarbonizing healthcare delivery, and educating its members to protect the health of our patients and the resilience of our health care systems.  Sustainability is our best path forward as an industry. 

Mili Roy, MD, COS Sustainability Working Group; Co-Chair, CAPE Ontario

The COS is creating a series of educational vignettes to provide inspiration to members for their own sustainability efforts. Our annual meeting and exhibition is committed to reducing paper and plastic waste, sustainable food services to attendees, ecological speaker gifts (tree planting), riding sharing, and much more.