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Ophthalmology Going Greener: A Narrative Review

To highlight the need for ophthalmology to become more sustainable, a group from the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital reviewed the literature on waste and sustainable practices from numerous sectors within our specialty. They wrote this paper to summarize the problem and the opportunities or ophthalmology to lower its carbon footprint. They provide several potential solutions based on the literature and from their experiences of looking to deliver care in a more environmentally conscious way in Manchester.

- David F Chang MD

Thank you for highlighting our article in EyeSustain! While writing this article, I have become more aware and sensible in what I use, and this awareness becomes a behavior. Though it may be difficult to reduce the amount of paper, polypropylene, and plastic waste in order to maintain equipment sterility, it is not impossible. Perhaps manufacturers could work with ophthalmologists to develop the most cost-effective and carbon-efficient equipment set for theaters and new devices. There's no nationality in greening the environment and I think everyone should work together for a better future

Yee Ling Wong MD 4th year ophthalmology resident.

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